We have existed in one form or another since 2005. The brainchild of marketing guru Martin Sanders.

Martin opened his own marketing agency in 1995 and within a year, was employing twenty staff. Since then, he has opened another three premises.

Somehow, in between running his thriving marketing businesses, he finds time to lecture and write about… marketing… in his spare time.

In 2004 he met Alexander Graham, who convinced him that his scribblings needed more of a home on the internet than just his blog posts. And so the first website was born.

Its first incarnation was popular, but not as popular as it was later to become. As well as being a website, full of news and information about marketing and advertising, it also launched as a newsletter. This newsletter is still circulated widely and reaches all the most influential people in marketing and advertising today.

But still, we thought we could do more. So, in 2007, the website moved house and set up shop elsewhere.

Today, we have been through one or two or more changes, but we now have arrived at a place where we attract thousands of followers to our facebook page and other social media accounts.

But why do we do what we do? According to some people in advertising, the secret of good marketing is to keep it strictly to yourself, as if telling anyone else will somehow break the magic code.

We don’t believe this is the case and want to share ours secrets with as many people as possible. We aim to nurture and promote good talent and develop good practice in the marketing business.

When we see things done the right way, we like to celebrate it as much as possible. So for that reason we try and encourage talent in the field.

Every August we launch a search for the Young Marketer Of The Year

This is to look for a special person, aged under 25, who has made outstanding contributions to advertising and marketing. Whether it is designing an effective and innovative advert or launching a video which went viral on social media, we want to celebrate the talent behind it.

And we are never disappointed, every year, the competition grows stiffer and the talent gets brighter. So much so that it makes us as marketers and advertisers feel enthused and if we’re honest – just little bit jealous – of some of the clever ideas out there.

We like to share our good news and get people talking to each other, so we really welcome your comments and news and would love to hear them on our facebook page.