So, you think cheap promotional products are a bit tacky and probably not worth the money paid out for them. You never use branded giveaways because you don’t see the point in them.

If that sounds like you, you need to give business promotional gifts a second thought, because they can and do enhance the reputation of the giver in the eyes of the recipients.

But which are the best merchandising products to offer to your clients and customers? Here are some of the most popular corporate promotional products that pack out the corporate gift bags regularly.


Nowadays branded clothing is not the preserve of the big labels and nor is it only intended for workplace only.

Although the advantages of you and your staff wearing easily identifiable and branded clothing so you are recognisable to your public are pretty obvious ones.

However, these days branded clothing has also branched out to have a life of its own. As well as giving a printed t shirt or sweatshirt to your team members, how about offering them to your clients as well as a thank you?

Many of these promotional products can be purchased relatively cheap and the quality is usually high. Now your clients can remember you when they are in the gym or relaxing at home.

These are far from the only printed promotional items which can be worn, bearing your name and logo. There is a whole list to choose from, including warm clothing, hats, scarves, gloves and more.

Don’t forget also your branded umbrellas, to offer to clients, when the British weather delivers its traditional greetings!

Other business promotional products that you can wear may include fleece jackets, traditional shirts, sweat shirts and even branded trousers.


In the surveys of the most popular promotional materials in the UK, branded consumables always come in the top three spots. In other words, everyone loves chocolates and wine!

It is pretty much a no brainer for your business to offer out branded chocolates or wine – or beer, or spirits or even (shock horror!) non alcoholic beverages – to your clients or potential clients.

Cheap promotional gifts which bear your name and remind the bearer about you, could even be on something as simple as a branded bottle of mineral water. People are guaranteed to use that!

Obviously, the Christmas period is one of the best times to indulge a spot of edible branded giveaways, but it doesn’t have to be limited to just then.

Easter is coming up and there are all varieties of chocolate eggs which can be personalised, with your business logo, to dazzle clients and customers alike.

Celebrate business deals and cement corporate relations with a branded whisky or box of chocolates to be passed around the office – it works!


Sometimes, the original is still the best.

Both branded pens and promotional cups still regularly do the rounds of UK businesses and frequently make the corporate gift bags handed out to clients.

This is because they are effective and useful gifts, which can be re gifted and will carry on, being useful and advertising your business for many years to come.

When it comes to drink wear and receptacles, there is so much more to choose from than the basic promotional company mug. Make sure your business is not missing out on this simple promotional product!

Especially if you have not tried the power of merchandising products in your business, you may not believe how they can help promote your company in the eyes of your clients, but they can and do help promote your logo and name in their memories.