Not that long ago, the advice was how you needed to promote your business, no matter how tiny or local on the world stage of Google and other search engines.

But not anymore. Now more than ever, the power of local search is of prime importance to any business type. However, there are some businesses which really need to master the power of local SEO.

Here is are the ones which we think cannot afford to do without using social media and local SEO in their marketing strategies.


When a death in the family occurs, the bereaved person is unlikely to be shopping around and comparing deals with undertakers, let alone considering using one which is a long way from their home.

They will inevitably be looking for the most local firm possible, one who is nearby, local and friendly.

Undertakers therefore need to show up first in the searches performed in their local areas.


Think about it. Water is pouring in through the ceiling. What you need now is a plumber and one who can attend to the scene ASAP.

Now is not the time for perusing the internet at leisure and getting someone from out of town in. You want a plumber who can get there and get there now.

For this reason, tradespeople like plumbers, really need to make sure that their details come up trumps on Google search in their local areas.

This is not limited to plumbers, the same is true of locksmiths and builders and other essential domestic trades people.


It can be harder these days for local estate agents to get a look in when it comes to search engines, because the bigger boys have got it all sewn up.

Tricks which have been proven to help, are being as specific to your local area as possible, in the descriptions. If you can provide details on your site of local services and shops and actual specifics about the local schools, it is likely to show up on a search better.


Similar to undertakers, solicitors tend to stay in the family and once a person has used your firm for one matter then they are likely to stick with you. But when you are attracting new clients, you need to do so from a local perspective.

If you specialise in criminal law, then this is doubly or trebly so. Because if someone has been arrested, they are going to need you to attend to the ASAP, possibly in the police station and also later in court. They will then be having regular meetings with you and inevitably will not want to be travelling for miles to do so.

In other words, you need to be visible in local searches of the internet to potential clients.


If you are ill or have a toothache, you really are not going to want to go any further than absolutely necessary to get treatment.

So regardless of what type of medical practitioner you are – from midwife to physiotherapist, your patients want to find you locally.

The good news is, local search can be your friend, if you optimise your website correctly.

Make your site’s content continually updated. The content should be useful and relevant to potential clients.


Vets and other pet service providers need to ace the local SEO results like no others. Because when someone in Birmingham goes on Google looking for someone to walk Rover, they don’t really want to see results from dog walkers in Devon. Well, unless they really want their dog to go on a long walk that is!